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Gary Dunow

Gary Dunow

Gary A. Dunow, 63, of Stickney passed away February 22, 2016. Loving husband of Judith Ann nee Gross; beloved father of Gary (Kristen), Donald (John) and Jason (Cathy); cherished grandfather of Erin, Kylie, Colin, Zack, Kaleb, and Wes; dear brother of 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Gary was a Juvenile Officer, Patrolman, Sergeant, and Police Chief. He was also a teacher for the G.R.E.A.T. Program, (Gang Resistance Education and Training.) Visitation Sunday, February 28, 2016 from 2pm to 8pm at Mount Auburn Funeral Home, 4101 S. Oak Park Ave. Stickney, IL. Interment Private. In lieu of flowers donations to the Ronald McDonald House or the American Cancer Society .

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04/07/16 09:57 PM #1    

Deborah Thomas (Gallagher)

My recollections of Gary are a little “fuzzy”, but only because I was a much younger male neighbor of his family.

I once asked him if he would be willing to give me archery lessons in our home backyard for a whopping penny a lesson instruction fee. He thought for a long  moment…laughed…humored me and declined my “generous” offer! This was 1967 pricing, by golly!

And at about the same stage of our young lives, teenage years for Gary, being older than myself, at that, I recall him coming almost all the way back the four or five blocks from our Home Elementary School to calm and encourage me not to be late for the start of the school day classes, that early spring weekday.

I had been arguing with my Mother over not wanting to wear a spring jacket because I felt I knew better, at the time, even at the ripe  age of eight years old!

He saw me racing down the sidewalk, upset and crying, moving towards our common destination goal.

He kindly came running back to intercept me, so as to help me get to school safely and on time, as well. Making me laugh and re-directing my focus. I am sure this bode well for him in his future law enforcement career efforts.

Small things, but thought of fondly. I would have been a peer of his younger brother, Kevin, whom I have had little or no contact through the years hence.

Played with their baby brother Donny. I do believe he has passed away many a year ago, now, unfortunately.

Gary was, and treated me and the other younger children in our scope of friends, as a big brother surrogate, since I myself was blessed with two older sisters, Susie and Debbie, who would have been closer in age to Gary.

And who could ever forget the all out playing of the summer night time game of “Relievio”?!


I was very sorry to hear of your tremendous loss.

Gary sounded as if he made a positive impact in his life’s journey.

May he rest in peace knowing the favor and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And may you and your family rest assured in this same peace and love, knowing where Gary’s spirit now resides, to be reunited with him, some day in our future.

Blessings to all of you who knew and loved Gary.



Jeff Thomas

Formerly residing at my family’s old neighborhood residence:

4353 South Grove Avenue, corner of Oak Park Avenue and Grove.

Our backyards sat caddy-corner from one another, touching corners.


04/10/16 09:42 PM #2    

Anson Seers

Thanks Deb, for posting your brother's comment. Gary was always in the 'other' class through all eight grade years at Home School, at least as I remember, but it's nonetheless my loss having not to get to know him better. He was a friendly guy who sometimes came around where I hung out by my house on 43rd between Clinton and Home Avenue. Having grown up as a terminally shy person, 20-20 hindsight clues me in that I missed a lot by not getting out and about more. Too soon old, too late smart, as they say. 

All the best to you and all the other good people I was lucky to grow up around.




04/11/16 03:57 PM #3    

Nancy Stepanek (Crosby)

Thank you, Jeff and Anson. Jeff's recollections touched me in a similar way to Anson's. I think Gary lived only a block away, but junior highers being what they were, the girls hung out with the girls, and the guys with the guys (back in those days anyway) and I don't think I ever got to know Gary. It was so special to hear how kind hearted he was to Jeff as a child. Just a reminder to not miss opportunities and appreciate those around us. Take that extra measure of time with someone and you may find a good friend. My condolences to Gary's family.

04/11/16 09:48 PM #4    

Anson Seers

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for adding your comment. Looks like you're almost as far away from Stickney as I am. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I had noticed elsewhere on this website (THANKS Kath, and anyone who helps you with this) that this year is the 50th grade school graduation anniversary. If anyone back in my sweet-home Chicago area has any thoughts about any kind of Home School reunion, I'd make the trip. I do like to get back and visit family at least once a year in any case.



04/12/16 08:52 AM #5    

Paul R. Merrion

I'd be up for a 50th anniversary reunion, too. My brother, who is three years ahead of us, organized a Haley reunion and it was a big success. I think the Stickney contingent has been a large part of the last few high school reunions, too.


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