Proud of our veterans!

Ernie Fuller, front riw, third from left

Gary Alwes: 1971, Lackland Air Force Base, Security and Law Enforcement training. USAF


Alan Nakayama


Chicago Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Parade 1986

Henry Johnson   Class of 1970   USMC

Frank Janata   Class of 1970   USAF

John Marbes   Class of 1971   USMC

Pete Dubsky
August 1972


Bill Kavicky and Pete Philippon in Vietnam



Kenny Klimes: 20 year Air Force career.

Kenny Klimes: Picture of my jet (F-16) and my two boys Kasey and Kameron. My daughter,  Karlie, wasn't born yet. Taken around 1993. 


Michael Holub 1974 – Ft. Myer, VA. Receiving Good Conduct Medal as a member of the 3rd US Infantry Regiment (the Old Guard), the US Army’s Official Honor Guard and Escort to the President.


Michael Holub (2nd from right) participating in the Full Honor Funeral for Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren. The services took place in Washington DC and Arlington National Cemetery in July 1974.


Frank Janata in Vietnam

Henry Johnson 1973 promotion to Sargeant